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Supply and Delivery of Peripherals and Accessories for ICT Access Centres

Enhancing digital literacy at the Guayaguayare Access Centre - World Computer Day 2022

With the world's ever evolving technological landscape, we need to ensure that all our citizens are equipped with the right tools and skills to evolve along with it. On December 2nd, we commemorate World Computer Literacy Day, to bring awareness and drive digital literacy to all corners of the globe. Right here in our Access Centres, in ICT-underserved areas across Trindad and Tobago, computer literacy has been at the heart of enhancing the capabilities and lives of those we serve.

Here's a snapshot from the Guayaguayare Access Centre, where members of the community are learning how to use computers, applications, the internet and more. The ongoing workshop is being held in collaboration with Stork, the Guayaguayare Village Council and members of Business and Technology Development Centre Ltd.

As we learn together, we all help to build a brighter digital future. Happy World Computer Literacy Day!

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