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Trinidad & Tobago

Digital Transformation Strategy

2023 - 2026


Trinidad and Tobago acknowledges the advances in technology and the need to integrate its potential into what is now termed the Digital Transformation agenda. The National Digital Transformation Strategy will be the roadmap to guide this effort. It is intended to be sustainable and holistic in nature, promoting inclusivity, with wide consultation and engagement of all stakeholders, utilising available resources for realistic outcomes and prioritising change management strategies, focusing particularly on cultural considerations.


The Strategy will be developed by YOU – who represent members of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT), international and regional agencies, civil society, academia, business sectors, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, students – anyone who wants to join us on our journey #towardsourdigitalfuture.



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Co-creation and stakeholder engagement are key elements of the development of the National Digital Transformation Strategy. Your contributions will be curated by four (4) Technical Working Groups under the categories of:

  • Digital Society
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Government
  • Regional Integration and Global Linkages

All ideas are welcome, and will help to identify the initiatives for the Strategy, based on level of national impact.

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