Jan 28, 2023 | R to @MDT_TT: ✅ Be aware of scams such as phishing & ransomware, these attempt to collect personal information like your account and password details. ✅ Be cautious about online requests for your personal information. Trust your gut, if something seems off then it probably is.    Jan 28, 2023 | R to @MDT_TT: ✅ Use strong or unique passwords. The best passwords contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. E.g. ExamPle1! ✅Set up two-factor authentication. Learn more about two-factor authentication here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/security/business/security-101/what-is-two-factor-authentication-2fa    Jan 28, 2023 | Word on the streets is that “Data is the new oil.” 🛢️ For Data Privacy Day 2023, think about how you protect your valuable data. How many of the activities below are you currently doing to safeguard yourself and your data? #dataprivacyday #cybersafety #DigitalTransformationTT    

Developing the National Digital Transformation Strategy: Themes and Prioritised Initiatives

Sep 09, 2022

Legislative Framework for Digital Transformation: The Policy Perspective

Aug 16, 2022

A New Perspective - Handover of UAV to Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA)

May 13, 2022

Girls in ICT Day 2022 - Tech4Girls Masterclass Workshop - Opening Presentation

Apr 30, 2022

Public Sector Leadership for Digital Transformation

Jan 31, 2022

Commonwealth Hard Talk for Action - Engendering Political Will

Dec 07, 2021

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