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ICT Access Centres, branded AccessTT, provide underserved or ICT-excluded communities with a world of opportunities through access to ICT devices and the internet.

We invite visitors to

‘Connect and Create’

at each Centre, using the Centre's modern computer stations and printing facilities. Want to attend or facilitate a training session or virtual meeting? Explore possibilities to

‘Educate and Innovate'

in the training hubs at each location. Each Centre is managed by professional, friendly staff who reside within the community or environs, to provide assistance with access to government services, online educational training resources and information about using digital technology, so that residents can enhance their digital literacy and build professional skills and competencies.

Come In

These Centres are open and ready to serve you!


Belmont Community Centre

#47 Jerningham Avenue



The Carenage Police Youth Club and Homework Centre

Constabulary Street, Carenage


Cumana Community Centre

23 3/4 mm Cumana Village,



Guayaguare Community Centre

Lamppost #61, Ferrier Circular Drive



Marac Community Centre

#14 Savannah Road, Marac Village



Penal Central Community Centre

Ali Avenue, Clarke Road


Todd’s Road

Todd’s Road

#86 Main Road, Todd’s Road

Longdenville, Chaguanas

Coming Soon

These Centres are fully equipped and will open soon. Watch this space for updates on when you can visit!


Caiman Community Centre

Upper Caiman Road

Saint Joseph

Lisas Gardens

Lisas Gardens Community Centre,

Lisas Boulevard



Maitagual Community Centre

Bushe Street (North) Petit Bourg

San Juan


Maraval Community Centre

Morne Coco Road



Tacarigua Community Centre

Bally Street


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